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maandag 31 juli 2017

the caves are closed

The part of the hill above is still not open for public, but I walked it anyway. Coming down I saw that they are closing the fire caves. No one will be able to enter in future. Coming back over Biesland I found a surprise: a Scarce Swallowtail eating on a sunflower. I managed to take 2 pics before it flew away. The pics are made between Wolder (NL), Kanne (B), Mt St Peter and Biesland (Maastricht - NL) with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 compact camera.

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hartbladige zonnebloem - leopard's bane, Wolder field (NL)

weidechampignon - field mushroom, Cannerberg hill (NL)

grijze worteluil - light feathered rustic, Cannerberg hill (NL)

bruin blauwtje - brown argus, Cannerberg hill (NL)

knobbelzwaan met jong - adult and young mute swan, Jeker river (NL)

echte heemst - marsh mallow, Biesland (NL)

icarusblauwtje - common blue, Biesland (NL)

koningspage op zonnebloem - scarce swallowtail on sunflower, Biesland (NL)

grote centaurie - greater knapweed, Louwberg hill (NL)

vedermot op huislook - plume moth on houseleeks, Louwberg hill (NL)

gehakkelde aurelia op sleedoorn - comma on blackthorn, Louwberg hill (NL)

gladde kogelzwam en zwarte wegmieren - hypoxylon fuscus and black garden ants, Louwberg hill (NL)

viltige ganzerik - cinquefoil, Louwberg hill (NL)

weidechampignon - field mushroom, Cannerberg hill (NL)

bruin zandoogje op akkermelkdistel - meadow brown on field milk thistle, Cannerberg hill (NL)

stokroos - hollyhock, Cannerberg hill (NL)

bruine rat, groene vleesvliegen en een wesp - brown rat, green bottle flies and a wasp, Wolder field (NL)

zwarte kraaien en ekster - carrion crows and magpie, Vroenhoven field (B)

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