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zondag 4 september 2011

These are maybe my last words

At least for a while. Abandoned from the Internet. The last resort, this borrowed laptop is sold, and that was the agreement: I only could use it for so long.

For me it’s a sad day, of course. Building on the Net is time consuming, as everyone knows who works with it, and there is a fair chance that all this work will be for nothing. That’s life! It sucks sometimes.

It’s also a consequence from the life I live. Never worry about tomorrow, and catch as much world as you can. I never settled, never, ever worked on a career. That career was me, a dwelling artist who lived everywhere, saw and experienced a lot. I won’t regret my choices for a moment.

That’s why I’m used to this kind of situations. One day rich, the other poor. It depends on the time and place of being. It’s a good life. Only not today.

But I’ll be back. That’s the sinus of life, like economies, or cultures, if you live the way I do. Like a strong and colourful drawing: charcoal or chalk. The endless fluctuating ridges to climb and conquer. That’s life, as well! Beautiful if you know how to live it…