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maandag 31 oktober 2016

at the old river

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Where the galloways and wild horses roam, at the ancient not canalized river Meuse, in the north of Maastricht, alongside the villages Borgharen and Itteren, a vast plain stretches on the banks, on both sides: Belgium and the Netherlands, as far as the city Roermond

Some pics of the town center of Maastricht on my way back...

zondag 30 oktober 2016

on the other side

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On the right bank of the Albert canal I entered a restricted trail to climb the "Montaigne Saint Pierre" in the French speaking part of Belgium (Bassenge), and walked through the nature reserve and over the ridge back to the village, alongside fort Eben-Emael, and back to Kanne, where I had my dinner at "'t Heukske". Iwan made me a delicious "Wienerschnitzel", and it was some time ago...
After I walked the "Muizenberg", through Canne forest and Wolder field back home, where the two cats "Peuzemeuzen" welcomed me, and cried for their diner ;-)
A total of a 7 hour walk...