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zondag 9 juli 2017

less wind and more stunning pics of the same

click pic to enlarge

gele waterkers - marsh cress, Cannerberg hill (NL)

steenhommel op distel - red-tailed bumble bee on thistle

Canne forest

aronskelk - arum, Neercanne (NL)

vink - finch, Kanne (B)

huismus - house sparrow, Kanne (B)

groot koolwitje op wilde marjolein - large white on oregano, A. canal Kanne (B)

spaanse vlag op koninginnekruid - jersey tiger on hemp-agrimony, A. canal Kanne (B)

met aardhommel - with buffed-tailed bumblebee, Albert canal Kanne (B)

negertje - woodland grasshopper, Albert canal Kanne (B)

graslathyrus - grass vetchling, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

grijskruid - hoary alyssum, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

lijsterbes - sorbus, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

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