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maandag 29 mei 2017

wolf in the field

I walked the same route as I did yesterday, short because of the heat, but came back with different pictures. First I saw a rare species which I spotted a lot during the first Summer I lived here (2012), and after that never saw it again until today: the belted beauty, a moth that has almost disappeared in the low countries. I had an encounter with a buzzard that flew up right in front of me and my camera was open and ready to take a picture of an insect, which I didn't find anymore afterwards. I was able to take 2 good shots, (some more but the rest is too blurred to show) And than the wolf in the field, which is a Siberian Husky of course, but still, it delivered some nice shots. The pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80, mainly in Belgium alongside the Albert canal in Vroenhoven.

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Vroenhoven field

bont zandoogje - spekled wood, Vroenhoven trail

klaproos - poppy, Vroenhoven trail

rouwrandspanner - belted beauty, Borderroad Vroenhoven

vogelwikke - tufted vetch, Albert canal Vroenhoven

Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

weidehavikskruid - meadow hawkweed, Albert canal Vroenhoven

vals witje - black-veined moth, Albert canal Vroenhoven

heideblauwtje - silver-studded blue, Albert canal Vroenhoven

bruin blauwtje - brown argus, Albert canal Vroenhoven

buizerd - buzzard, Albert canal Vroenhoven

wilde margriet met bochelaars- en latrine vliegen, tinkerbell and flies, Albert canal Vroenhoven

echt bitterkruid - hawkweed oxtongue, Albert canal Vroenhoven

prachtklokje - peach-leaved bellflower, Muizenberg hill Vroenhoven

Cannerberg hill Wolder (NL) from Muizenberg hill (B)

Wolder field from Muizenberg hill

rolklaver - bird's foot trefoil, Muizenberg hill Vroenhoven

the wolf in the field (Siberian Husky) Wolder field (NL)

akkerwinde - field bindweed, Wolder field

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