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zaterdag 20 mei 2017

different perspective

I didn't want to go for a long walk, still tired from yesterday, but it turned out differently as so often while still experimenting with the possibilities of my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ 80 camera I walked through Jeker valley, over Mount Saint Peter to Kanne (Belgium) and back alongside the Albert Canal. All pics are taken between Biesland and Poppelmonde valley (Maastricht -NL) and between Caestert plateau and Vroenhoven (Riemst- B)

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Jeker river

gentiaanblauwtje - alcon blue, Jeker valley

Apostelhoeve - Apostelfarm, Cannerberg hill

Jeker valley

Mount Saint Peter

torenvalk - kestrel, Poppelmonde valley

soldaatje - military orchis, Poppelmonde valley

koninginnepage - swallowtail, Poppelmonde valley

veldsalie - meadow sage, Poppelmonde valley

hondsroos - dog rose, Caestert plateau

Caestert plateau

sleedoornpage - brown hairstreak, Caestert plateau

Kanne bridge from Caestert plateau

sleedoorn - blackthorn, Caestert plateau

brem - broom, Caestert plateau

slipbladige ooievaarsbek - cut-leaved crane's bill, Caestert plateau

vlier - elderberrie, Caestert plateau

merel - black bird, Kanne

schijfkamille - pineappleweed, Kanne

wilde honingbij op berenklauw - wild honeybee on hogweed, Kanne

wilde hop - hop, Jeker river

Jeker river, Kanne

ruige leeuwentand - rough hawkbit, Jeker river Kanne

Jeker river, Kanne

zomerfijnstraal - daisy fleabane, Albert canal

braam - blackberrie, Albert canal

vogelwikke - bird vetch, Albert canal

distelvlinder - painted lady, Albert canal

vogelwikke - bird vetch, Albert canal

betonie - hedgenettle, Albert canal

vogelwikke - bird vetch, Albert canal

Vroenhoven bridge

vogelwikke - bird vetch, Albert canal

distelvlinder - painted lady, Albert canal

wondklaver - kidney vetch, Albert canal

klaproos - poppy, Albert canal

bruine daguil - burnet companion moth, Albert canal

klaverblauwtje - mazarine blue, Albert canal

klaverblauwtje en bruin blauwtje - mazarine blue and brown argus, Albert canal

echte kamille - chamomile, Vroenhoven field

Vroenhoven trail

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