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donderdag 25 mei 2017

Maastricht summit

Through Jeker valley, ENCI forest and Poppelmonde valley to Maastricht's highest top: D'n Observant (172 m above sea level) where I watched 4 swallowtails playing, They didn't sit for one moment, so I wasn't able to take pictures, but I found a late blooming greater butterfly-orchid, while all others, lower on the hill lost their flowers already. I walked back to Kanne afterwards and alongside the Albert canal back home. All pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 on the Dutch-Belgian Limburgian border between Maastricht (NL) and Riemst (B)

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Jeker valley

smeerwortel - comfrey, Jeker valley

ENCI forest

Poppelmonde valley

jonge poelkikker - baby pool frog, Poppelmonde valley

kleine pimpernel - salad burnet, Poppelmonde valley

vals witje - black-veined moth, Poppelmonde valley

wilde lijsterbes - rowan, Poppelmonde valley

poelkikker - pool frog, Poppelmonde valley

kleine ratelaar - yellow rattle, Poppelmonde valley

muizenoor - mouse-ear hawkweed, Observant

vieuw on Kanne (B) and Chateau Neercanne (NL) from d'n Observant

honingzwam - honey fungus, Observant

bergnachtorchis - greater butterfly-orchid, Observant

view on Maastricht from d'n Observant

river Meuse and Walloon from d'n Observant

Lanaken field from d'n Observant

Observant with birch trees

hondsroos - dog rose, Observant

wilde liguster - wild privet, Observant

berenklauw - hogweed, Caestert plateau

smalle weegbree - narrowleaf plantain, Caestert plateau

Caestert plateau

view on Chateau Neercanne from Caestert plateau

vogelwikke - tufted vetch, Albert canal Kanne

nijlgans familie - egyptian goose family, Albert canal Kanne

bijvoet - mugwort, Albert canal Vroenhoven

Wolder field and Cannerberg hill from Vroenhoven field

koolzaad in roggeveld - rapeseed in rye field, Vroenhoven field

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