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maandag 22 mei 2017

many butterflies alongside the canal

In between other work, a short inventory walk alongside the Albert Canal in Vroenhoven (B). Among others I saw a Swallowtail (no pic). Those, that wanted to sit for a moment are down here

click pic to enlarge

bont zandoogje - spekled wood

bleek blauwtje - chalkhill blue

wondklaver - kidney vetch

Vroenhoven bridge

wilde margriet - tinkerbell

luzerne - alfalfa

boswitje op luzerne - wood white on alfalfa

gamma uiltje op luzerne - silver y on alfalfa

distelvlinder op rode klaver - painted lady on purple clover

luzerne - alfalfa

klaproos - poppy

bruine daguil op basterdklaver - burnet companion moth on alsike clover

witte honingklaver - honey clover

scherpe fijnstraal - bitter fleabane

rode klaver - purple clover, Muizenberg hill

luzerne - alfalfa, Muizenberg hill

duizendblad - yarrow, Muizenberg hill

wilde margriet - tinkerbell, Muizenberg hill

bruin blauwtje - brown argus, Muizenberg hill

luzerne - alfalfa, Muizenberg hill

Vroenhoven bridge

atalanta - red admiral, border trail Wolder

dagpauwoog - peacock, border trail Wolder

zilverschoon - silver weed, border trail Wolder

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