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dinsdag 30 mei 2017

the heat is gone

Finally! So I had a long walk today of 8 hours. I left over the ancient Roman road and from there to Kanne alongside the Albert canal where I had a coffee at 't Heukske. Afterwards I followed the Jeker river till where it floods under the Albert canal. From there I followed the canal again and rounded Mount Saint Peter on Belgium French territory I walked alongside the river Meuse until I climbed MT St Peter (Montagne Saint Pierre) to Caestert plateau and crossed Poppelmonde and Jeker valley to Cannerberg hill where I went through Wolder field back home again.
The pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 in the Dutch-Belgian border area of the Albert canal and the river Meuse.

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Roman road Maastricht (NL)

Roman road Vroenhoven (B)

Vroenhoven field (B)

sneeuwbes - snowberry, Roman road Vroenhoven

Vroenhoven field

spannertje - geometer moth, Albert canal Vroenhoven

groene struiksnuittor op nachtkoekoeksbloem - polydrusus sericeus on night-flowering catchfly

zwart knoopkruid - lesser knapweed, Albert canal Vroenhoven

hennepnetel - hempnettle, Albert canal

grote klaproos - red poppy, Albert canal

hondsroos - dog rose, Albert canal Kanne (B)

kleinbloemige wilde roos - rosa micrantha, Albert canal

grote teunisbloem - large-flowered evening-primrose, Albert canal

bonte wikke en witte honingklaver - hairy vetch and bokhara clover, Albert canal

Albert canal Kanne (B)

schijnboktor op nachtkoekoeksbloem - oedemera nobilis on night-flowering catchfly

zwart knoopkruid - lesser knapweed, Albert canal

beemdkroon - field scabious, Albert canal

Albert canal Kanne (B)

akkermelkdistel - field milk thistle, Albert canal Kanne

Albert canal Kanne

weidehavikskruid - meadow hawkweed, Albert canal

vlasbekje - toadflax, Albert canal

zomerfijnstraal - annual fleabane, Albert canal

Maastricht TV looking for Tom Dumoulin, Kanne (B)

gele lis- yellow flag, Jeker river Kanne

merel - blackbird, Jeker valley Kanne

reuze berenklauw - giant hogweed, Albert canal Kanne

Albert canal Lanaye (B)

nijlgans - egyptian goose, Albert canal Lanaye

Fort Eben Emael (B)

Lanaye bridge (B)

slot of Lanaye (B) where Albert canal and river Meuse come together

Montagne Saint Pierre Lanaye (B)

slangenkruid - viper's bugloss, Meuse valley Lanaye (B)

boswitje - wood white, Meuse valley Lanaye

bitterzoet - bittersweet, Meuse valley

Meuse valley Lanaye (B)

Petit-Lanaye (B)

duizendblad - yarrow, Petit-Lanaye

hennepnetel - hempnettle, Montagne Saint Pierre (B)

aronskelk - arum,  Montagne Saint Pierre

Caestert plateau (B)

Caestert farm (B)

eikelmuis - garden dormouse, Caestert plateau (B)

honingzwam - honey fungus, Caestert plateau

the never lasting wind in a barley field - gerst veld, Poppelmonde valley (NL)

grote lisdodde - broadleaf cattail, Poppelmonde valley

gewone oeverlibel - black-tailed skimmer, Poppelmonde valley

aardaker - tuberous pea, Poppelmonde valley

erg donker bont zandoogje - very dark speckled wood, Jezuietenpad (NL)

former NATO headquarters on Cannerberg hill (NL)

wilde haver - wild oat, Cannerberg hill (NL)

parende grote vos - mating large tortoiseshell, Wolder field (NL) 

grote vos op knoopkruid - large tortoiseshell on knapweed, Wolder field (NL)

grote vos - large tortoiseshell, Wolder bordertrail (NL)

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