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dinsdag 23 mei 2017

going the long way

From Wolder to where Mount Saint Peter begins at the river Meuse and through ENCI forest and Poppelmonde valley to Kanne (Belgium). Back through Neercanne and over Cannerberg hill to Wolder field (Maastricht - NL) The pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80

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slechtvalk - peregrine , Wolder

grote maagdenpalm - large periwinkle, Biesland

atalanta - red admiral, Mt St Peter

beemdkroon - field scabious, Mt St Peter 

kauw - jackdaw, Mt St Peter

vrouwelijke oeverlibel - black-tailed skimmer, Mt St Peter

view on Wolder from Mt St Peter

kraagroos - rosa agrestis, Mt St Peter

bont zandoogje - spekled wood, ENCI forest

ENCI forest

Poppelmonde valley

poelslak - great pond snail, Poppelmonde valley

poelkikker - pool frog, Poppelmonde valley

devil's cave, Poppelmonde valley

akkerparelmoervlinder - weaver's fritillary, Poppelmonde valley

kleinbloemige wilde roos - rosa micrantha, Poppelmonde valley

bont zandoogje - spekled wood, Kanne


rolklaver - bird's-foot trefoil, Muizenberg hill

veeldoornige distel - welted thistle, Muizenberg hill

wilde honingbij op knoopkruid - wild honeybee on brown knapweed, Muizenberg hill

knoopkruid - brown knapweed, Muizenberg hill

Canne forest

view on Maastricht from Cannerberg hill

akelei - columbine, Cannerberg hill

Jeker valley from Cannerberg hill

Louwberg hill

geelhartje - purging flax, Cannerberg hill

wild konijn - wild rabit, Cannerberg hill

klaproos - poppy, Cannerberg hill

groot kaasjeskruid - mallow, Cannerberg hill

mergelland schaap sheep, Cannerberg hill

Wolder field

houtduif - wood pigeon, Wolder field

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