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vrijdag 12 mei 2017

testing my new camera

I changed the Cannon Ixus 180 for a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ80 and have to admit that the results are stunning. A greater reach (up to 1.5 km) and sharper pics thanks to the Leica lens. The camera is steady and even in the wind we have lately it was possible to do macro shots f.e. of the common blue butterfly or a tiny moth. See for yourself.
The pics are all made on the Dutch - Belgian Limburgian border between Maastricht and Riemst

click pic to enlarge

the first victim was my cat Paco

akkerboterbloem - corn buttercup, Vroenhoven field

icarusblauwtje - common blue, Albert canal

bruine vuurvlinder - sooty copper, Albert canal

icarusblauwtje - common blue, Albert canal

zachte ooievaarsbek - dove's-foot crane's bill, Albert canal

vogelwikke - tufted vetch, Albert canal

vogelmelk - star-of-bethlehem, Albert canal

dagkoekoeksbloem - red campion, Caestert plateau

salomonszegel - solomon's seal, Caestert plateau

Montagne Saint Pierre

Meuse river

Montagne Saint Pierre

judaspenning - honesty, Caestert plateau

parasolzwam - parasol mushroom, Caestert plateau

Sint Pietersberg - Mount Saint Peter

soldaatje - military orchid, Poppelmonde valley

soldaatje, slanke sleutelbloem - military orchid, oxlip, Poppelmonde valley

slanke sleutelbloem - oxlip, Poppelmonde valley

ratelaar - rattle, Poppelmonde valley

grote boomspanner - tissue moth, Poppelmonde valley

salomonszegel - solomon's seal, Poppelmonde valley

soldaatje - military orchid, Poppelmonde valley

akelei - columbine, Mergelweg

aardhommel en akkerwikke - buff-tailed bumblebee and common vetch, Susserweg

olhbeestje - lady bug, Susserweg

nachtkoekoeksbloem - night-flowering catchfly, Susserweg

Cannerberg hill

Riemst (taken from Cannerberg hill +/- 1.5 km)

schijnaardbei - mock strawberry, Cannerberg hill

zwarte wegslak - black slug, Cannerberg hill

paardebloem - dandelion, Cannerberg hill

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