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vrijdag 26 mei 2017

the old marl mine

At least this was the purpose, but when I arrived at the newly opened old part of the mine it was so crowded that I turned right away. I will try again on a less sunny and warm day somewhere in the middle of the week. From my home I walked the shortest way over Cannerberg hill, crossing Jeker valley and over Mount Saint Peter. I came back through Kanne, over Muizenberg hill and Millennium forest. These pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 on the Dutch-Belgian Limburgian border between Maastricht (NL) and Riemst (B)

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beemdooievaarsbek - meadow crane's bill, Louwberg hill Wolder

smalle weegbree- narrowleaf plantain, Louwberg hill Wolder

Jeker valley, Nekum winery farm

fluitenkruid - cow parsley, Cannerberg hill

klein springzaad- small balsam, Cannerberg hill

Cannerberg hill

Mount Saint Peter, ENCI forest

Mount Saint Peter

ENCI fish pond

ENCI marl mine

trosgildekruid - scutellaria columnae, Mount Saint Peter

ENCI marl mine

Mount Saint Peter Kanne (B)


moerasandoorn - marsh woundwort, Muizenberg hill Kanne

schijnaardbei - mock strawberry, Muizenberg hill Kanne

kaneelroos - cinnamon rose, Millenium forest

klein koolwitje op ruige leeuwentand - small white on rough hawkbit, Canne forest

Canne forest

fluitenkruid - cow parsley, Canne forest

witgerande tuinslak - white-lipped snail, Cannerberg hill

schijnaardbei - mock strawberry, Cannerberg hill

witte dovenetel - white nettle, Cannerberg hill

kruipende boterbloem- creeping buttercup, Cannerberg hill

groot kaasjeskruid - mallow, Vroenhoven field (B)

Vroenhoven field

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