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zaterdag 13 mei 2017

to Belgium's oldest town: Tongeren

These pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 on my way to Tongeren / Tongres, the oldest town in this neighborhood, founded BC by the Romans and started as a fortress to Romanize the Celts in the Rhineland area. Tongeren was important on the Roman road from Cologne to the North sea

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akelei - columbine, Tongerseweg Maastricht

akelei met honingbij werkster - columbine with western honey bee, Tongerseweg Maastricht

atalanta, Campagne Maastricht

smalle weegbree - narrowleaf plantain, Campagne Maastricht

Mount Saint Peter from Campagne Maastricht

the chemist Minckeleers on the cemetery at the Tongerseweg Maastricht

the oldest cemetery of Maastricht

Tongerseweg Maastricht

madelief - daisy, Tongerseweg Maastricht

Tongeren center

Tongeren Cathedral

replica of a Roman statue in Tongeren center

statue of Ambiorix, the Celt who fought Ceasar

black swan at the Jeker river Tongeren

broedend brandgans koppel - brooding Barnacle goose at the Jeker river

Jeker river Tongeren

the ancient Roman wall of Tongeren

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