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maandag 15 mei 2017

wild orchids and a swallowtail

These pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 camera on the Belgian - Dutch Limburgian border between Maastricht (NL) and Riemst (B) in the villages: Vroenhoven, Kanne and Wolder in the nature reserves of Tiendenberg hill, Mount Saint Peter and Cannerberg hill

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zilverschoon - silver weed, Vroenhoven field

landkaartje - map, Vroenhoven forest

Vroenhoven forest

klein geaderd witje - green-veined white, Vroenhoven forest

Kanne bridge

venusschoentje - lady's slipper orchid, Tiendenberg hill

geelhartje - purging flax, Tiendenberg hill

brem - broom, Tiendenberg hill

hazelworm - slow worm, Tiendenberg hill

bijenorchis - bee orchid, Tiendenberg hill

akelei - columbine, Tiendenberg hill

klaproos - poppy, Kanne

Kanne bridge

Iwan, 't Heukske Kanne


Chateau Neercanne

landkaartje - map, Mount Saint Peter

koolzaad - rapeseed, Poppelmonde valley

vuurjuffer - large red damselfly, Poppelmonde valley

weide champignon - field mushroom, Poppelmonde valley

koninginnenpage - swallowtail, Poppelmonde valley

soldaatje - military orchid, Poppelmonde valley

harlekijn - green-winged orchid, Poppelmonde valley

soldaatje - military orchid, Poppelmonde valley

kleine ratelaar - yellow rattle, Poppelmonde valley

smeerwortel - comfrey, Jezuietenpad

Jeker river


zevenblad - ground elder, Cannerberg hill

akelei - columbine, Cannerberg hill

hondsroos - dog rose, Cannerberg hill

nachtkoekoeksbloem - night-flowering catchfly, Cannerberg hill

geelhartje - purging flax, Cannerberg hill

klaproos - poppy, Wolder field

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