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zaterdag 10 juni 2017

searching for a rare species

It helps when you know where to look for it of course, and finally, after overcoming some difficult climbing towards it, I found the Yellow Rock-rose on the edge of the devils cave in Mount Saint Peter's Poppelmonde valley. Also I found a late blooming species of the Spotted orchid, walking and looking around. However it was warm today and lots of people on the way I went over Biesland and Jeker valley to Mount Saint Peter and from there shortly to Caestert plateau, but I was tired of climbing the rocks and thus I turned to Kanne for a rest and back home alongside the Albert canal.
The pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 compact camera.

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Jeker valley (NL)

the former ENCI marl mine

ENCI forest

views from the Devils' cave

on top of the Devils cave

muskuskaasjeskruid - musk mallow, Mount Saint Peter (NL)

liggende klaver - hop trefoil, Mount Saint Peter (NL)

Mount Saint Peter (NL)

knikkende distel - musk thistle, Poppelmonde valley (NL)

Poppelmonde valley (NL)

gevlekte orchis - spotted orchid, Poppelmonde valley (NL)

geel zonneroosje - yellow rock-rose, Devils' cave (NL)

climbing Devils' cave (NL)

geel zonneroosje - yellow rock-rose, Devils' cave (NL)

muskuskaasjeskruid - musk mallow, Mount Saint Peter (NL)

Atalanta op grote klis - red admiraal on greater burdock, Caestert plateau (B)

aalbes - redcurrant, Caestert plateau (B)

Caestert plateau (B)

stengelomvattend havikskruid - sticky hawkweed, Albert canal Kanne (B)

blaassilene - bladder campion, Albert canal Kanne (B)

familie Nijlgans - Egyptian Goose family, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

basterdwederik - epilobium, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

kleine vos - small tortoiseshell, border trail Wolder (NL)

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