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dinsdag 20 juni 2017

following the Gulp river

I started at the Begian border in Slenaken (Sjlennich) and followed the river through the valley, as much as possible at least, because I was forced uphill several times. I didn't go a certain route or trail and crossed many different walking paths on the way; many butterflies though, mainly gatekeepers, and I met no people as long as I stayed away from paved roads which I had to approach towards the end, nearing the town Gulpen.
All pics are made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 compact camera

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l'Empereur Maastricht

groot dikkopje en vlieg op rode klaver - large skipper and fly on purple clover

maretak - mistletoe, Gulp valley Slenaken (NL)

oranje steppevlinder - arethusana arethusa, Gulp valley Slenaken

maretak - mistletoe, Gulp valley Slenaken

Gulp valley Slenaken (Sjlennich)

Gulp river Slenaken

Beukenaken height

vingerhoedskruid - foxglove, Beutenaken height

bruine daguil - burnet companion moth, Beutenaken height

vingerhoedskruid - foxglove, Beutenaken height

Beukenaken height

oranje zandoogje - gatekeeper, Beutenaken height

brunel - self-heal, Beutenaken height

gulp river, Waterop

dagkoekoeksbloem - red campion,  Gulp valley Waterop

gehakkelde vos - compton tortoiseshell, Gulp river Waterop

Gulp river Waterop

geitenbaard - goats beard, Gulp valley Karsveld

poorthuis - gatelodge, Karsveld


poorthuis - gatelodge, Karsveld



Karsveld height

Gulp river, Karsveld



crossing a meadow in Karsveld

echte valeriaan - valerian, Gulp valley Peraken

Gulp river Peraken

wilgenroosje - fireweed, Gulp valley Peraken

ruig klokje - nettle-leaved bellflower, Gulp valley Peraken


moerasspirea - meadowsweet, Gulp valley Peraken

bitterzoet - bittersweet, Gulp valley Peraken

sneeuwbes - snow berry, Gulp valley Peraken


in heaven is no beer, why we brew it here, Gulpen brewery

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