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zondag 18 juni 2017

Nile goose family lost a duckling

On the Albert canal I spotted a Egyptian goose family with 7 ducklings, a couple of weeks ago. Until the day before yesterday there were still 7. Today I counted 6. They lost one, in spite of their efforts. Father was watching his siblings very closely like a watchdog, but still... I feel sorry for them, and hope they don't loose any more...
Todays pics are made mainly alongside the Albert canal in Vroenhoven (B) with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 compact camera.

click pic to enlarge

kleine vos - small tortoiseshell, Roman road Vroenhoven (B)

grasklokje - blawort, border road Vroenhoven (B)

lancetbladige basterdwederik - spear-leaved willowherb, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

moerasrolklaver - big trefoil, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

jakobskruiskruid - ragwort, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

grasklokje - blawort, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

waterkruiskruid - ragwort, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

wilde peen - wild carrot, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

beklierde basterdwederik - fringed willowherb, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

bijvoet - mugwort, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

wilde marjolein - oregano, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

gele kamille - golden marguerite, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

ijzerhard - vervain, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

gele honingklaver - yellow honey clover, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

koningskaars - greater mullein, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

wilgenroosje - fireweed, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

zomerfijnstraal - annual fleabane, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

nijlgans familie - egyptian goose family on the Albert canal (B)

ijzerhard - vervain, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

scherpe fijnstraal - blue fleabane, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

bergcentaurie - centaurea montana, A canal Vroenhoven (B)

segrijnslak - garden snail, Vroenhoven field (B)

bergbasterdwederik - broad-leaved willowherb, Vroenhoven field (B)

bont zandoogje - speckled wood, Vroenhoven field (B)

kleine vos - small tortoiseshell, Vroenhoven field (B)

Vroenhoven field (B)

kaasjeskruid - mallow, Vroenhoven field (B)

haagwinde - hedge bindweed, Wolder field (NL)

kleine vos - small tortoiseshell, border trail Wolder (NL)

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