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maandag 17 oktober 2016

Rita's last day pictures

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She sent me into town a couple of times, because she was tired and wanted to sleep, and suddenly she longed for "Liqor 43" in her coffee. Last wishes on a last day, and she thought she had so much to do still: packing all her goods, for me to take tomorrow. Finishing her last collage, as a gift for the hospice, and suddenly the time was there: 20:00 h CET, for her euthanasia, but she wasn't ready yet; the collage wasn't finished. It was over an hour later before she laid herself to rest, and she allowed the doctors to do their job.
It was a strange moment: I don't have words for it, as she still laughed at me, holding my hand, and me looking at her face, while the doctor pressed the needle. It went so fast, in a wink she wasn't there anymore: gone, just her body left as evidence that we were still talking, less than a minute before...
Rest in peace Rita. I will always love you, and be with you. And damn I miss you so. But the pain is gone, and all you had to miss the last couple of years doesn't matter anymore...

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