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zondag 27 november 2016



Where I live are too many borders for such a small country too many languages are spoken and not even properly as one might expect for so few people living together on such a small piece of earth that one would like to emigrate to the Planet of the Apes but than there is the elephant border only crossed by leopards and other lions which are not in a candy bar so to speak but eaten by a pussycat out of a dog’s trash when there was no one to watch it don’t you see no more borders when there are many as trees in a forest through which I walked once with my girlfriend more then a hundred years ago when there were many more borders then there are now and people fought for it mile by mile to give it back again because they lost too many soldiers and they had to raise new ones arm them again from money they stole of their neighbors or their own but sometimes these monies had no value no more so they wanted but couldn’t buy the things they thought they needed to cross the border nowadays you only need a passport and no gun or sword anymore as in the past when life was still easy to live because sorrow was always on the other side only once in those days while now one lives too many times in work social live or hobbies one can never guess until once see the resume of the candidate who wants to tell us more about himself you don’t even want to know but anyhow he’ll tell you uninvited as you know what I mean it isn’t necessary anymore to read this nonsense any further because Novell doesn’t beat Microsoft in the coming future with so many borders still to cross that you should go by plane and even pass several of them at the same time by now and if you even think of the possibilities we create ourselves through www or internet affairs it is not funny anymore to cross borders because in the mean time one stays at home while being abroad without any holidays once has to work for seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day it would be impossible to catch any sleep still but be quite please while I tell you about any future which has roots in the past what most people don’t seem to know is that there will be many more words then there are now I can tell you because dictionaries have always been growing over times I didn’t even live or lust for live and that is why ancient times smelled so badly that my nose was unable to reach for higher grounds of solution for all the people ever lived on this planet while impossible to imagine that they would live at the same time there was no room for borders anymore or one had to divide lots of them in two or more parts this would have to be one pro because by than everyone was able to talk all languages spoken on earth like in pre Babylonian times it would gather new wars and also new borders which would make the circle round if you know what I try to say but impossible to tell why this sentence is unreadable for the ones who didn’t write it which my dear is the biggest border of them all miscommunication of all human beings together in a big living room called Mother Earth or Global Village because with internet on our side everything will be reduced to a tiny village where all chatterboxes can complain about everything so far in which case you are as mad as I am while I assure you that it will never happen.

Antwerpen; Suikerrui 5, winter 1996
Opgenomen in American Barricade volume 1, Portland Oregon 1997

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