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dinsdag 1 augustus 2017

looking for the Wall Brown

Yesterday I heard that the Wall Brown was been seen at the meadows near Slavante Mansion (Mount Saint Peter) Today I went to look for myself and found quite a lot of the butterflies. I managed to take a couple of good to reasonable pics with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 compact camera, all taken in Maastricht (NL) surroundings

click pic to enlarge

donsvlinder - yellow tail, Wolder

akkerkool - nipplewort, Louwberg hill

grote klaproos - red poppy, Nekum (Jeker valley)

Mount Saint Peter

zwavelzwam - crab-of-the-woods, Mount Saint Peter

kaaszwam - cheese polypore, Mount Saint Peter

ENCI valley

dagpauwoog rupsen - peacock caterpillars, Mount Saint Peter

reuzenbovist - giant puffball, Slavante

zwartwordende bovist - brown puffball, Slavante

brunel - self-heal, Slavante


icarusblauwtje - common blue, Slavante


Slavante meadow, in the background Maastricht


icarusblauwtje (v) op rode klaver - common blue (f) on purple clover, Slavante


argusvlinder - wall brown, Slavante

geel walstro - lady's bedstraw, Zonnenberg

bruin zandoogje tussen duizendblad - meadow brown in yarrow, Zonnenberg

argusvlinder op brandnetel - wall brown on nettle, Zonnenberg

bruin zandoogje op wilde marjolein - meadow brown on oregano, Zonnenberg

licht gekleurd bruin zandoogje - light colored meadow brown, Zonnenberg

Zonnenberg farm

argusvlinder op koolzaad - wall brown on rapeseed, Zonnenberg

klein koolwitje op luzerne - small white on alfalfa, Zonnenberg

akkerwinde - field bindweed, Zonnenberg

the galloways of Upon Saint Peter

zwarte toorts - black mullein, Mount Saint Peter

bijenbrood - lacy phacelia, Mount Saint Peter

inkarnaatklaver - crimson clover, Mount Saint Peter

kneu - common linnet, Mount Saint Peter

inkarnaatklaver - crimson clover, Mount Saint Peter

echte heemst - marsh mallow, Biesland

echte kamille - chamomile, Louwberg

heggenmus - dunnock, Louwberg

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