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maandag 21 mei 2018

the Wolder camels a.o. stories

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Today I met a young Danish art student on Cannerberg hill, what wasn't just interesting and pleasant but very hopeful to listen to a member of the generation that has to deal with the mistakes we made.
Not only she seems to be very aware of today's environmental problems, in spite of that I experienced that her attitude is a positive one, full of enthusiasm about the leftovers we still call nature. 

Celebration of life while looking over the agricultural parcels of soil between lumps of trees that carry the name forest but still flowering in various shades of yellow and white while birds praise the sun on a shiny day like this is not the answer to diminishing number of insects, the increasing variety of species, but it's a start and hope for a new beginning...

parende azuurwaterjuffers - mating azure damselflies, Campagne Maastricht (NL)

bont zandoogje op brandnetel - speckled wood on stinging nettle

Raisa @ Prix de Rome, Biesland (NL)


Apostelhoeve winery, Louwberg hill (NL)

Kanne (B)

Nekum slot & Mount Saint Peter (NL)

Wolder (NL)

Cannerberg hill (NL)

blauwe reiger - grey heron


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