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dinsdag 8 mei 2018

Feral cats in Daalhof (Maastricht - NL)

Daalhoeve farm is an attraction richer. As many as four Servals, two females and two males populate the newly built wooden spout, right behind the sun terrace by the playground.

At first I thought my visit was in vain. The animals did not show but were sleeping in their night's stay. However, my patience was rewarded.

Daalhoeve farm Board Member Joost showed me the night stay where three of the four wild cats welcomed me suspiciously blowing. The fourth (a male) was outside by now, where I could shoot a whole series of photos. 

The serval is a medium-sized feline with very long legs. The coat is yellow brown in color, with an irregular drawing of black stripes and spots. He lives mainly in open savannas and grasslands, in areas with higher grass. It is found in most of Africa, South of the Sahara (with the exception of the dense rainforests and very dry deserts) and in Northwest Africa. It eats mainly small mammals. The most important prey are mice, which he finds between the high grass or under the ground by his excellent hearing. Thanks to its long legs he can look over the high grass.

Of course, not only these wild cats are worth visiting Daalhoeve farm. There's always something new to experience, as the young Wallaby that is still a lot in his mother’s pouch, but with a little luck you can see it play in the grass.

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boerenzwaluw - barn swallow

kauw - jackdaw

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