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dinsdag 17 april 2012

Because of the NUDE COLLECTION and other edited sites

from the series FANTASIES; no.32, digital art

The female body already inspired me when I was a kid, but the first nude who actually posed for me was a girlfriend. I was just a teenager, 15 years old when she stretched naked on my parents’ bed, of course during a time I was alone at home. A couple of clumsy drawings, but we thought they looked quit well. As a student there were the models at the academy, and during my whole life I asked women to pose, whether or not I was in a relationship with her. When I lived in Amsterdam we had a small class together with colleague artists, from who most were females. Every Friday we had a model, often the same girl, but not always. We paid her a small amount, for us to study and sketch.

from the series FANTASIES; no. 1, digital art

The early works
Apart from the sketches and drawings I made from girlfriends or my wife, it took till the eighties until I made the female nude to one of my favorite subjects in my art expressions. Maybe I thought that it was a subject which belonged to the pass. It was the time of environmental art and political statements. But what comes first has to go first, and following on my “Indian” period the nude more or less slipped into my art, as by accident. Still looking for the right expression and searching for ways to paint and draw the beautiful curves. This matured during my time in Amsterdam and even more in Antwerp, living with my girlfriend. Still working with models; women I knew, young as well as older as age doesn’t matter in painting.

from the series FANTASIES; no. 3, digital art

After I moved to Spain digital expression became more important; not only because of the evolving possibilities and techniques, but also because I made the digital way to my profession. More and more I earned my living as an Internet and multimedia specialist and of course this affected my art. The digitals I create are not only about the nude female body, but it is still one of my favorite subjects. In the beginning I used analogue created paintings and drawings I made earlier and which I re-worked to digital creations. The more I discovered the graphical tools, the more I could rely on them to create a digital image from scratch. Of course I sometimes still use existing images or photos to re-work, but mostly also this basis is from my hand.

from the series FANTASIES; no. 12, digital art

About me
In 1980 I had my first solo-exhibition, why I schedule that year as my start as an independent and self-employed visual artist. Before I worked mainly as an illustrator, which I still did after 1980 to make a living. Especially in the beginning art was a side-income, which became more and more important during the years building contacts. A lot of my work is in private collections but also in museums and companies.
I created a lot, thousands of works, from very small to extremely large, and I never bothered about materials but used what I thought I needed for the specific work or series I was creating. That is why a lot of my art is mixed media.
Not only in my visuals the female body is important, also in my writings, as most of my stories are about the intercourse and relation between men and women. That untouchable subject without we would not exist as human beings. 

from the series FANTASIES; no. 21, digital art

I’m from an artistic family. A grandfather was into pottery, and another wrote (historical) stories and books. My mother liked to draw but never matured in the matter as women had to be there for their siblings in those days. I draw and write since I remember, but was quite late taking classes because of several reasons. What formed me mainly was my stay of almost three years in the US where I followed art-courses at the Palomar College in San Diego where I had my first experience with computer-art, as the digital revolution was still called in the beginning. Afterwards I studied at several art-schools, as well in the Netherlands as abroad. The classical way which I followed in the beginning, looking for my own way later, but still; classical themes are never far away, even in the digitals I create today.

from the series FANTASIES; no. 33, digital  art

Digital art
As mentioned above Palomar was my first experience with computers and therefore digital art. Experimental and still in slow motion compared by today, the possibilities to create were mainly in ASCII and copying machines: re-creating what already existed the digital way.
After I returned to Europe I had the luck that Rank Xerox Benelux invited me to work in their showroom, thanks to my experience in the US. I had the chance to use their prototypes for over a year and the company did more. They made it possible to show the work I created worldwide; from the US till as far as Japan.
Also during my time in Amsterdam I had several possibilities to experiment digitally, but the real turn came after a six month course Internet Developer Expert in Antwerp. That is where I could work with, back then, still very expensive tools from for example Adobe and Macromedia. The possibilities grew and therefore my way to express and experiment.


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