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dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

remarks with the global crisis

Humanity invented the economic system, the engine what makes our world go round, and humanity is destroying it. Will we stop turning?

Actuality is full of slogans to amplify the global crisis, which, in the mean time, is going on for years: financial and banking crisis, countries and their deficits, downfall of currencies... And all these headlines pinpoint at the same issue: it's time for a change...

Over the ages mankind invented a lot of systems to catch and pamper themselves, but all together they have the same goal: to try to find a way to get as much as possible with as less as possible effort. In fact we are a lazy species. It is easier to carry a wallet full of paper, or a thin piece of plastic, then a cart full of goods to trade... And that is where we trapped ourselves.

In our way up to the commercial society, in which we are today, we grabbed the hand of greed. We bagged our lives in slogans and bought them, thinking without, life is meaningless, or even impossible.

It's just a system we are about to loose, a system invented by the Dutch VOC, and perfectionated in the US. But never the less: it's a system, and systems can be replaced. To survive or go on as mankind, systems in itself are irrelevant. We are not lead by it, even if we think so. And when a system has to many leaps it's about time to look for something different.

Better? I don't know. But nothing we ever invented lasts until eternity. Banks were not always there, neither was money. And if we are looking for the cause of today's world wide disaster, we can only look at ourselves. All of us are to blame!

We all want more and better, without thinking of lasting possibilities in future. We just don't care as long as we as individuals live in the house we want, drive the car we preferre, and can buy the goods we are slammed with on TV and Internet. Of course it has to come to an end: greed also makes victims who don't accept that they have less. And as soon as those victims become the majority they will stand up against what they feel as unfair.

We experience the riots, manifestations and demonstrations. Not only in the Arabic world, but also in our own backyard. London is burning, a so called idiot shoots civilians in Norway, copied of what happens on a regular base in the US. We saw the riots in Paris, the demonstrations in Madrid. The world is full of violence, and it's growing. All this is not because people are satisfied or happy. They make a statement, if we like it or not!

It's about time that everyone of us realizes that short time profits can turn against us on the long run. Wealth can only exist for a few. That may be a hard reality to swallow, but that's what wealth is about: having more then others. Said that, it's stupid to think that "those others" will except it forever...

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