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zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

if nature strike - so Fragile we are

How far the human race has come... From a naked species with bare hands to a world of technology connecting to every far corner of the world. From a most vulnerable creature to the false impression that almost nothing can harm us anymore. And then... nature strikes.

Of course we know. The tsunami in the East, Japan, Catharina. The kills after an earthquake, volcanic eruption. We know, but what wonders me is that we always look for who to blame.

Nature strikes, and the next thing is angry people questioning those who were unable to predict. Investigations follow, focusing on the scapegoat. A lot of time, effort and money wasted on something we simply cannot manage. How far we will ever grow in technological skills, there is one thing we will never rule...

At least I hope not if I look at the consequences...

Imagine: Us, the rulers of the world, the keepers of nature. But how will we rule? The Inuit will demand more ice, the holiday makers guaranty of sunshine. In LA and San Francisco they will forbid earthquakes, and the Japanese will strike the word 'tsunami' out of their dictionary. Imagine that it's possible. No storms, no damages, no victims, but one... The Globe itself.

The fat belly of the earth will grow, overloaded with gasses and unallowed hick-ups. Water will stop flowing, wind will fall, until... the collapse.

How far we have come technologically spoken, but in our minds we are still a bunch of cave-dwellers, angry on everything and everyone who is against us. Even if the one is nature itself.
But it's quite simple. Being born is accepting death. The grow-old way, the self-chosen way, or the way by accident, or violence. No one can avoid it. Being born is accepting the world we live on. This nasty and unpredictable erupting and up-throwing globe. And we like it. Otherwise I can´t explain why we are with so many. 7 billion, and growing. And the more we are, the more victims we will cause. It´s not nature to blame, nor the politicians, predictors, or system. It´s us, we ourselves, who became so many that there will be casualties every time nature strikes, and strikes again...

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