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zondag 4 maart 2018

snow is gone

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Biesland Maastricht (NL)

Fort Saint Peter (NL)

Louwberg hill (NL)

Cannerberg hill (NL)

kraanvogels - cranes, High Canne forest (NL)

High Canne forest

klein hoefblad - coltsfoot

Caestert farm (B)

Muizenberg hill Kanne (B)

houtduif - wood pigeon, Canne forest (NL)

the house with the long chimney Kanne (B)

Jeker valley and Mount Saint Peter (NL)

Jeker valley (NL)

Neercanne (NL)

roodborst - robin, Cannerberg hill (NL)

kraanvogels - cranes, Wolderfield (NL)

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