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dinsdag 24 mei 2016

angry birds

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On my way back from #Kultuur-Fabriek, and on the slope of Cannerberg hill, two angry birds landed on my path. One was a blackbird, the other a jay, together fighting for territory perhaps. The jay won.

Another story I reminded today was on Mount Saint Peter, where I met two photographers the other day. One of them searched through his gigantic camera and lens (500 mm or more) the other signed that I had to stop. They spotted something. But it took a while, they stayed focussed, and I came forward, I had an appointment, and not a lot of time for waiting. When I rounded the corner from where they were watching, I recognized their focus: the wooden eagle owl that is placed on the edge of the marl mine, as a sign that eagle owls are nesting there. The two men thought they spotted a real owl, they even didn't notice that the animal was made of wood through their huge telelens...

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