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woensdag 23 maart 2016

Mistletoe hill

It is a path I don't climb often, because of steep decent afterwards that bounces in my knee caps, and isn't very healthy because of it. But I had to be fast for some snaps; any moment now the leaves start to re-grow at the branches.

It is on Cannerberg hill this path walks, and afterwards I crossed Jeker valley, where I watched some beavers in the river, transporting small trees they harvested last night, I suppose. I left early this morning why I saw more animals then at other times, like a fox and a deer. The compact camera I carry, is not suited for distant shots, and I have to be very lucky to photograph an animal in the wild, but sometimes it happens, because animals also get sick or die.

I walked back over Mount Saint Peter, depending alongside the ancient marl mine, and crossed the Jeker and Cannerberg hill again to reach home...

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