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maandag 5 maart 2012

The future is ours to see 5


It is not easy to understand today as part of history. We look back on a Golden Age, summarizing 100 years in one chapter, while we see the year’s just past – let’s say: pre-Internet – as already ancient, and not of our time anymore. The ones, who are not on the Net still, addressing as dinosaurs…
Our time will be summarized as well in future. One chapter for a period of just after WWII till a date still in the future: the time that evolution became revolution, the age of commerce, or a new mid-“evil” of individualism and selfishness?
A mix, I guess. An add-up of revolts, started in the late fifties. Highlights and conquers of technology, line-up with human de-socialization. A time mankind never saw before, not because of endless inventions, but mainly because of the fastest expansion of population ever, in combination with a growing disinterest in each other, and each others environment. The more people there are, the more possibilities to get in touch with each other, the more we focus on ourselves, become ego minded. Our own small environment, highlighted as the center of everything.
This is the time we live in, not the future, because if this consequently evolves mankind won’t survive. The less room we get for ourselves, the more we need, has no future. But what can turn the wheel we maneuvered ourselves in?
As said before, systems have to change. The way the world is ruled is still 19th century, almost feudal, in spite of the fact that we generally address it as democracy.
I don’t want to start a political debate about what Democratos really meant. That is not the issue. It is not about elections, and who wants, or is in the possibility to be elected. It’s about the opposite, about the billions who have no saying, or almost too non influence on their future. It’s about 98% of the world’s population, getting more knowledge, are better informed, to accept that an upper-class rules for them. I don’t believe, however, that a repetition of the French Revolution is about to come. Revolts still may happen in the Middle-East, it is not the method to change systems anymore. There are other signs.
In spite of acts and governmental intentions, the interest in who is ruling is declining. People set their own rules, and again the Internet is a leading example. Even upper-class needs protection. They do things which they don’t want us to know, but the digital highway broadcasts everything. Secrets are no secrets anymore, and gossips become information in use by billions. The ones who are at the top today can fall tomorrow.
That is the future. In spite of who and what we are, we invented the Internet, allowing everyone seeing everyone naked as they are, and there is no system as we know it to cover such. The way our society is organized will change dramatically, and the answers are not in commercialization or institutionalization. They belong to the past. In future, nor enterprises, governments, or institutions will rule. In fact ruling itself is outdated. The widely spread individualization of today is just an exercise on the evolutionary ladder. People will more and more stop obeying and will find their own way to go. I know it is hard to imagine, but think of your selves, surfing and searching for new ways to express, new items to discover. It is from this daily behavior that future changes will be extracted.

…to be continued…

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