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vrijdag 2 maart 2012

The future is ours to see 3

Let’s talk about communication…
It is a general believe that Internet, and especially Social Media, are instruments to enlarge world wide communication. Mankind never assumed a bigger mistake. Since the mid nineties we were offered an amount of tools through which we can broadcast our selves, show-off, if you like, but interaction, in fact, is very poor. Basically Internet tools are developed for a wider range of commercializing, and all too often mistaken for communication.
The base for communication is interaction between two or more individuals. They react on each others needs and expression: words, sounds and images. This is where misunderstanding begins: Internet in general is about up~ and downloading the same issues: words, sounds and images, however, with an enormous lack of interaction.
If we would behave in a room filled with people, like we do on the Net, that room would empty in no time. Imagine individuals expressing them selves without listening or looking at others.
Internet is an invention which could only happen in times where individualization is the main goal for almost all of us. It would not work in a small village where people sit and talk in front of their houses after working hours. Those people would be too busy communicating to go inside and lock them selves up in front of a machine. The invention of the www was possible, because communication was already fading.
Communication, a basic need for humans, has slowly slipped into a false interaction of pimping up our needs. The world of commerce took over, and this had nothing to do with the launch of the Internet. This slowly slipping started with globalization and industrialization, and the electronic highway became nothing more then a logical follow-up in this process. When people complain in their own private environment about a lack of attention, it is not the computer or Internet to blame. This disinterest in the others needs lies far beyond, or better: before, the electronic possibilities of today. We, as people, are loosing the abilities of communication, and convert them into slogans as a form of expression, and ego focusing. Why? -  Because we interact on, and copy the media around us.
The biggest disease mankind is suffering is the commercial rat-race, which let us believe that no happiness, or even humanity, is possible, without gathering more and better, but see – the opposite happens. Global crisis, a decrease of poverty, more unhealthy people… The question is: can Internet change this?
Internet, or what comes next, will grow, not only in volume or reach, but as a medium that will replace the way the world is ruled today. The www is the monster that kills commerce. The signs are already all over: the illegal download of music, films, software, hacking of enterprises and governmental institutions…, still a minority today, which can be dealt with. The losses are high, but can be overcome. No one realizes that this way of interaction is just over 15 years old, and the damage done is already many billions, and increasing… What the business-world still does not understand is that our economic system is not build for the Internet, that globalization in terms of the G20 is a farce. There are no borders anymore, and warriors are no longer men-with-guns, ruled by a government, but everyday-people-with-mobile-phones. That is today and changing fast.
Members of a young generation become billionaire’s over-night, while other members of that same generation use the same field as their playground for free, is as eating from two different sides: the first still limping on old values, the second showing the way to the future. Today the alleys and bushes of the Net are filled with Robin Hoods’, calling them selves “ethical hackers”, those who show others the lacks and gaps of the electronic highway. They hide the future in side, because Internet in itself does not belong to anyone, which means that it is truly free, and no act can change that. Men invented their worst nightmare: the killing-machine of the world today’s systems…

…to be continued…

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