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woensdag 29 augustus 2018

where I was born: Tegelen (NL)

river Meuse

the area where I was born, but the photos are from 2017

the area where I lived during my youth

townhouse from the 1970's till 2017

center in the 1960's and 70's

with my mother in 1997

primary school, but the photo is from +/- 1990

area of the primary school in the 1960's

the street where my grandparents lived; photo +/- 1990

open air theater De Doolhof 1960's

former train station 1960's

castle Bas ten Batenburg 1960's

the old watermill, burned down in the 1970's

the ferry across the river

the monasteries alongside the river 1950's

in the monasterie area in 1997

the border with Germany in the 1950's

clay mines 1950's and 60's

forest 1960's

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