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vrijdag 6 juli 2018

Voer region (Belgium)

The Voer (Dutch, pronounced [vuːr]FrenchFouron) is a small river in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is a right-bank tributary to the river Meuse. It has three (creek-) tributaries of its own: the Veurs, the Noor and the Beek.
The source of the Voer is near the village of Sint-Pieters-Voeren in the Belgian province of Limburg. The river crosses the Belgian-Dutch border between 's-Gravenvoeren and Mesch, and flows into the river Meuse at Eijsden. The Voer's total length is about 12 kilometres (7.5 mi). It lends its name to the Voeren municipality as well as to the villages 's-Gravenvoeren, Sint-Pieters-Voeren and Sint-Martens-Voeren through which it passes.

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zwarte toorts - black mullein, Eijsden (NL)

Moelingen (B)

geelpurperen spanner - purple-bordered gold

gamma-uil op jakobskruiskruid - silver y on ragwort

gehakkelde aurelia - the comma 

roodborst - robin, Berneau (B)

Berwinne river(B)

Observant hill(NL) from Berneau(B)

train passing by

grote gele kwikstaart - grey wagtail, 's Gravenvoeren (B)

das - badger, Onderdorp, vuursteen pad (flint trail) (B)

steenuil - little owl

vuurwacht - fire look-out

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