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vrijdag 15 september 2017

demolishing tourists

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In the past sometimes a midget showed up in Canne forest, a statue hidden between the bushes. It disappeared after a couple of days and showed up again on unexpected times. Last Summer, while many tourists visited the area, the midget was suddenly demolished. It is still there, broken as it is. Today I decided to take some pics of the once funny joke.
While I took a break a kestrel flew towards me, just a few meters in front before it noticed me quietly sitting on a bench. I managed to take one photo before it disappeared between the trees of the forest.
nijlgans familie - egyptian goose family, Albert canal Vroenhoven (B)

grote teunisbloem - large-flowered evening-primrose, Albert canal Kanne (B)

vlasbekje - toad flax, Albert canal Kanne (B)

Canne forest (NL)

the demolished midget of Canne forest (NL)

Daalhof Maastricht from High Canne forest (NL)

Lanaken field (B) from High Canne forest (NL)

the sky above, High Canne forest (NL)

Millennium forest (NL)

torenvalk - kestrel, High Canne forest (NL)

Canne plateau (NL)

High Canne forest (NL)

Cannerberg hill (NL)

dagpauwoog in bietenveld - peacock in beetfield, Cannerberg hill (NL)

Cannerberg hill (NL)

Wolderfield (NL)

berk - birch, Wolderfield (NL)

Wolderfield and Cannerberg hill (NL)

Vroenhoven field (B)

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