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donderdag 10 april 2014

Wolder; a short walk through the fields

It is a cloudy day in this early Spring; a Spring that defeated the stronger Winter, took its place and welcomed itself with an abundance of flowers that should normally be under a deck of snow. A bird lands fast on the young field, searching for food; a worm or insects, and the wind blows to add more life to the pictures I take.

But the grass is till thick and darkgreen as it should be in Winter; however, young sprouts are coming up, leaves already color the bare branches, and it will be a good meadow to graze the cattle this year.

Alongside Vroenhoven-trail trees are blossoming; cherries and apples. The owner hopes that frost will stay away, and I hope with him, following the route through greener then green; the paths dry already; no mud sticks to my shoes that I have to scrape off after I’m back home, because I won’t go home, but visiting friends later, after my daily walk.

It is not easy with the little camera I always carry, to take shots of the flowers I meet besides the paths I choose: wild carrot, and the rare yellow henbit. Not in this area where whole parts color yellow, and almost one has to search for the blue and white varieties.

The fields color white from the fruit trees where this land is famous for. At the slopes of the hills, in the valleys; even vineyards at such northern hemisphere; but some of the wines are famous, even outside Europe, as famous as the fruit that grows here, and is exported all over the world.

It is calm in the valley, maybe because it is a ordinary day in the week, or maybe because we have had sunnier days this Winter, with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. But it is lovely to walk in this silence; the bark of a farm dog in the distance; the wind that moves the trees and bushes.

Then I bend to the right, back to the village, the houses, the streets and traffic, and follow the road until I find the friend’s house, and ring

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