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donderdag 16 januari 2014

Walking along the canal poetic snapshots

A long straight gap, filled with water;
float boats
sail ships
under bridges
to connect, harbour to harbour, town to town
and the banks pass...

High shores covered with weed and tiny trees
It is a hard life ashore,
grab the marl walls in wind and storm, and wave
Goodbye to the skipper, or Hello...

So long distance, white cloudy sky;
seems the world endless as it is.
Fierce woods walk over the ridge,
trees march upfront
Hurrah, I say, and lift my stick,
the mighty stick that walks me by

Dogs bark, a warning for me,
for the ships,
for all that passes
So you know where this town is waiting for
Not for me, not for its houses,
but for that what will be brought

and delivered

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