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maandag 30 december 2013

Mosae Musica

One day of masterclasses for young musicians under guidance of the coaches: Davy Deckmijn (percussion), Adrian Maruszczyk (Public-Peace - bass), Martin Rohdich (guitar), and Jacqueline Fijnaut (vocals)

The concept-idea of bringing young musicians together in “clinics” given by professionals succeeded. Especially the intention of an Euregional (international) setting. The maximum number (35) participants to be sheltered for just one day was reached with youngsters from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The same for the coaches who came from Belgium, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.

The whole idea behind it is “communication by music”, a borderless way of interacting between those youngsters and their instruments (in which we consider “vocals” as an instrument as well).

Thanks to the cooperation with the Muziekgieterij here in Maastricht and Public-Peace; Adrian Maruszczyk’s music initiative, Kultuur-Fabriek was able to organize its first bordercrossing event.

Because it had to be for and by youngsters we left the moderation in the capable hands of Jules Claessens, a young local who is not afraid to stand up and perform knitting the day together. He acted as a full speed host, telling the participants, and later during the evening the audience, what to expect.

At 9:30 the participants and coaches arrived, were divided into groups per instrument: percussion, guitar, bass, and vocal. Many of the youngsters never saw each other before, and yet they mingled as old classmates coming from diverse cultures and countries. They didn’t need a language; their instruments was talk and culture enough.

I wasn’t there for the whole day; went home to tell the world about it through Internet, while the participants followed their masterclasses hidden in sound-boxes to avoid disturbing each other during the “clinics”. Only percussion (drums) was acting in the main hall under guidance of Davy Deckmijn, where I listened a while to the beats and thrills.

It was the evening that had to proof if the day had worked, if the meltingpot of tunes had reached a performance level suitable for an audience. And the quality was high. Twenty songs beated the boxes and the surprised visitors who came to listen to so much and young musical talent. Time went too fast, the performances of such a high level that it seemed if they all didn’t do anything else in their lives but making music and telling us and each other stories through the gear they brought from home.

The follow-up of the acts went smooth, talked together by Jules who was definitely impressed, like me, by his fellows. One day is too short, but this was just the pilot of many more “clinics” to come, which will be spread over more days to give the participants the chance to write own songs, that will give the performance in the end even more authenticity. But still; who was not there last night, those who were not able to come, see and hear what happened, have certainly missed an enthusiastic and lively act that promises a lot for the future.

Happy new year to all off you, and make sure that you have some spare time in your agenda for the next Mosae Musica of Kultuur-Fabriek. We will inform you soon enough for our following event

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