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woensdag 13 november 2013

Farmland snapshots at the Dutch-Belgian border

Not a lot live like I do; at the edge of two countries: the most southern border of the Netherlands meets here the Belgian north-east-side; still the same culture. Once it was one; now called the Belgian and Dutch provinces Limburg; devided in the 19th century because of the commodities found beneath the surface...

My doctor perscribed me an at least one hour walk a day because of a heart-condition, which is no punishment to me. I always walked a lot; in my opinion the best way of transport, because one doesn’t miss details like when one travels by faster means. 
For almost two years I now follow this doctors advice, and shortly I started to take a camera; picturing the walks in a snapshot-diary.

Why not write about it as well, I thought; showing the world in which a fantastic landscape I live in; just stepping outside and culture-land, nature is all around me. Especially for those (which are most of us) who are locked up in urban centers, and can hardly imagine how green the world can be; even in a season as is: autumn for the time being in this part of the world: the northern hemisphere, more precise mid-Europe.

Landscape here is so much different than where I lived a bit more then two years ago: the absolute most southern part of Spain; Andalucia in the Malaga province. But is it less beautiful because of that? I will show you in words and pictures, and write about my walking adventures, so this part of the world will become one of the best known among a broad audience. It deserves it as I will proof... 

Have fun reading these short stories...

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